8 July 2021

Hotspot vs Tethering | Difference | Comparison

Tethering and hotspot are technical terms used frequently in the context of mobile technology. Tethering differs from a hotspot in that tethering is the linking of a device to the smartphone via USB cables, whereas a hotspot connects one device to the other to obtain internet access via WiFi. So here this article gives information about the difference between hotspots and tethering to better understand this topic.

What are hotspots?

Hotspots are wireless access points that are typically used in public places to provide internet access to users. The access point is a common device that is linked to a router or gateway. Within a certain range, these points provide internet WiFi connectivity. Computers and smartphones can also serve as hotspots.

What is tethering?

Tethering is the process of connecting to the internet on a computer or other device via another computer or mobile phone with cellular network functionality. To share the internet, tethering employs network address translation. The internet-sharing device has a public IP address, whereas other devices connected via tether have private addresses.

Hotspot vs Tethering | Difference between hotspot and tethering:

  1. A hotspot is a physical access point which is a device that is connected to a router or a gateway but tethering is a connection among devices.
  2. Tethering can be done over via Bluetooth, USB cable, or WiFi, while the hotspot connection works predominantly through WiFI sharing.
  3. A hotspot is not very efficient because it uses a lot of data on a device, while tethering is more efficient because it uses less data than hotspots.
  4. When compared to tethering, a hotspot consumes a significant amount of data.
  5. Tethering uses less battery and is less expensive than hotspots, whereas hotspot uses more battery.
  6. Tethering necessitates a high-speed internet connection, whereas hotspots necessitate a medium to a high-speed internet connection.
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