11 November 2022

DHCP Vs DNS | Difference | Comparison

Dynamic host configuration protocol(DHCP) and Domain Name System(DNS) are both network protocols. It is used in order to communicate within a network. DHCP is used to assign IP addresses to devices within a network while DNS is used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses. Learn more about DNS and DHCP and how different from one another by reading this article. So, Let's learn the difference between DHCP and DNS. Discover the many types of threat ware and how to protect your network. So let's compare and contrast DHCP and DNS.

What does DHCP mean?

DHCP is a network management protocol that is used on an IP network to automatically assign IP addresses and other communication parameters to devices that are connected to the network via a client-server architecture.

What does DNS mean?

The systematic hierarchical structure of domain names is referred to as DNS.

The IP (Internet Protocol) address is the only address that matters in the entire universe. You must know a website's IP address, which is a lengthy numeric code, in order to access it. A domain name is converted into the associated IP address using the DNS service on the internet.

For instance, www.xyz.com is the domain name, and by using DNS, 

DHCP Vs DNS | Difference between DHCP and DNS:

  • DNS stands for domain name system. While DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol.
  • DNS works in 53 port numbers, While DHCP works in 67 and 68 port numbers.
  • DNS protocols supported by DNS are UDP and TCP. While DHCP-only UDP protocol is used.
  • DNS is a decentralized system, While DHCP is a centralized system.
  • Domain names are converted into IP addresses in DNS with the aid of a DNS server, and IP addresses are then translated into domain names. While using DHCP, the DHCP server is used to automatically configure the hosts.
  • We can avoid having to remember the IP address thanks to DNS. DNS is a dependable IP configuration, nonetheless.
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