Difference Between TCP and SCTP

Transmission control protocol(TCP) and Stream control transmission protocol(SCTP) are both transport layer protocols that primarily provide transport functions in internet applications.  So let's debate the Difference between TCP and SCTP to understand more about it.

What is SCTP?

SCTP stands for stream control transmission protocol. SCTP is a connection-oriented protocol in a computer network that allows for full-duplex data transmission between two endpoints that have established a network connection. 

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What is TCP?

TCP stands for Transmission control protocol. TCP is a reliable connection-oriented protocol that allows for guaranteed data transmission. TCP ensures reliable data transmission from the moment the connection is established.

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Difference between TCP and SCTP:

  • TCP doesn't support multistreaming. SCTP supports multistreaming. 
  • TCP the selective ACKs are optional. In SCTP there are selective ACKs.
  • TCP doesn't support multihoming. Multihoming is supported by SCTP.
  • There is less reliable data transfer in TCP. SCTP provides more reliable data transfer.
  • TCP data transfer is less secure. SCTP has more secure data transfer.
  • There is no partial data transfer in TCP. SCTP allows for partial data transfer.
  • SCTP has initiation protection while TCP doesn't.
  • TCP does not have unordered data delivery. SCTP supports unordered data delivery.
  • SCTP has message framing while TCP doesn't.
  • SCTP initiation and shutdown process is different from TCP.
  • TCP supports a single stream of data delivery whereas SCTP supports a multi-stream of data delivery.
  • TCP supports a single TCP endpoint to have one IP address whereas SCTP supports a single SCTP endpoint that can have multiple IP addresses for mainly redundancy purposes. 
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