1 December 2022

PLC Vs Microcontroller | Difference | Comparison

The main difference between programmable logic controllers (PLC) and microcontrollers is that PLCs are designed for industrial and commercial applications, while microcontrollers are designed for smaller applications. So let's debate PLC vs. microcontroller to understand more about it.

What is PLC?

PLC stands for the programmable logic controller. PLCs are classified into families, allowing the user to select hardware based on their needs. It is most cases, the manufacturer will be able to supply the end-user with everything from the controller to each and every sensor.

What is a Microcontroller?

The microcontroller uses on-chip embedded flash memory in store and executes its program. The only restriction imposed by the fact that the total amount of memory space is finite is that the majority of devices on the market have a maximum of 2 Mbytes of program memory.

PLC Vs Microcontroller | Difference between PLC and Microcontroller:


A microcontroller is a single-chip device with PU, RAM, and ROM that serves a specific purpose

  • Nearly absolute from primary application from the industry.
  • Microcontrollers cannot function by themselves.
  • Line by line, instructions are carried out.
  • The microcontroller does not simultaneously scan all inputs for output.
  • Microcontrollers can function in challenging conditions.
  • Large interruptions and poor performance at high processing speeds.
  • There is absolutely no sign of active I/O.
  • Use a compiler initially, such as, for the practice of simulating programming code.

PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)

  • Programmable logical control has an industrial domain.
  • Special purpose controller.
  • PLC industrial application device.
  • PLC scan and action time is very short.
  • PLC initially developed to replace relay logic hardware.
  • Wide adoption and use due to its ruggedness and ability for rough environments. 
  • In-circuit programming ability.
  • Working display at LCD.
  • Indication of active input outputs.
  • PLC scan and action time is very short.
  • PLC instruction execution is parallel.
  • Good for real-time operations
  • The programming of PLC is in the form of symbols and blocks of I/Os, just connect and compile.
  • For programming and simulation practice logixpro software free source is available which is complier as well simulator.
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