25 January 2024

ESP32 Vs Raspberry Pi | Difference | Comparison

We are going to explore the difference between the Raspberry Pi and ESP32 today. We already know the basics of the ESP32 and Raspberry Pi. 

ESP32 and Raspberry Pi are two widely used platforms for electronics programming projects. They are very different from one another in terms of programming, hardware, and other factors. These are the main differences between ESP32 and Raspberry Pi. ESP32 and Raspberry Pi in the following article to assist you in selecting the best platform for your upcoming projects.

ESP32 Vs Raspberry Pi | Difference between ESP32 and Raspberry Pi

  1. A microprocessor-based processing unit, or microprocessor, powers the Raspberry Pi, a small computer. The ESP32 is a programmable development board with internet capabilities. 
  2. ESP32 has 34 GPIO pins, and Raspberry Pi has 40- GPIO pins.
  3. In comparison to the Raspberry Pi, the ESP32 is smaller, whereas the Pi is larger.
  4. ESP32 consumes less power, On the other hand, Raspberry Pi consumes more power as compared to ESP32.
  5. The CPU of ESP32 is a dual-core processor, while the CPU of Raspberry Pi is a Quad Core cortex A72.
  6. ESP32  board has 520KB SRAM, Raspberry Pi board has 2GB, 4GB, 8GB.
  7. The flash is 4MB in ESP32, But the Flash is 2MB in Raspberry Pi.
  8. ESP32 doesn't support an SD card, But Raspberry Pi has an in-built SD card slot.
  9. ESP32 has inbuilt WiFI internet connectivity, and Raspberry Pi has inbuilt WiFi and ethernet port connectivity.
  10. ESP32 is from the ESP family, While Raspberry Pi is from the ARM family.
  11. The operating frequency in ESP32 is 160MHz and overclockable to 240MHz, but the operating frequency is 1.5 GHz in Raspberry Pi
  12. The operating voltage is 5V in ESP32, while the operating voltage of Raspberry Pi is 5.1 V. 
  13. Operating systems like Raspbian and Ubuntu are required for Raspberry Pi, whereas ESP32 does not.
  14. ESP32 development boards are not expensive compared to Raspberry Pi, While Raspberry Pi development boards are expensive.
  15. The software used in ESP32 is Micro python, C/C++ languages, But the software used in Raspberry Pi is Python, C, micro python, and C++.
  16. ESP32 boards are very simple to use for beginners, while Raspberry Pi boards are complex and hard to learn mainly for beginners.
  17. ESP32 does not have an in-built USB-UART mainly for programming, But Raspberry Pi has two USB 2.0 ports like 2 USB 3.0 ports.
  18. ESP32 boards are used in smart dustbins, home automation, and weighing machines, but the Raspberry Pi is used in advanced-level applications like desktop PCs, robotics, servers, etc.
  19. The operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to +125 °C in ESP32, But the Operating temperature ranges from -20 °C to +85 °C in Raspberry Pi.
  20. In ESP32 interfaces used are I2S-2, I2C-2, UART-3, SPI-4, and PWM channels -16, While Raspberry Pi interfaces used are UART-2, I2C-2, SPI-2, and PWM channels -16. 
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