Advantages and disadvantages of WADL

WADL stands for web application description languages. It is an XML-based, machine-readable language that is built on HTTP web services, resources, services, facilities, and connections between them are modeled by WADL. It is primary goal is to make it easier to reuse web service and to provide a foundational connection between the platform and the web server that reuse the HTTP architecture. It encourages the adoption of a self-sufficient platform that focuses on application reuse outside of the confines of a web browser. On August 31, 2009 sun microsystems presented WADL to the WWW consortium without a clear current strategy. 

Advantages of WADL:

  • WADL's goal is to design a contract that is particular, like REST services.
  • REST is developed for appoint context, but SOAP was created for a distributed computing environment. WADL attempt to make a complicated corporate system by several firms easier to reuse and combine.
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Disadvantages of WADL:
  • WADL is a fact that REST was created for a point-to-point environment, whereas SOAP was created for a distributed computing environment and WADL may be used to define the interface for REST services.

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