25 January 2023

Arduino Vs Raspberry pi | Difference | Comparison

For our hardware projects, we may employ a broad range of controller boards. The two most well-known of them is raspberry pi and Arduino. Based on the ATmega family, Arduino has a very straightforward design and software architecture. In essence, raspberry pi is a single-board computer. Both of them feature a CPU that controls times, memory, I/O pins, and instructions. The main difference between the two is that Arduino frequency has robust I/O capabilities that directly drive external devices. In contrast, the Raspberry Pi's I/O is feeble and needs transistors to power the device. 

What is Arduino?

An open-source electrical gadget called Arduino receives inputs and produces outputs in response to those inputs. The interaction design institute in Ivrea created Arduino as a foundational tool for students with no prior experience in electronics or programming. It changed as a result of new requirements and challenges after becoming well-known.

What is Raspberry pi?

The raspberry pi is a tiny, inexpensive computer about the size of a debit card that uses a regular keyboard and mouse to connect to a display or television. Like a PC, it has a specialized processor, memory, and graphic driver. Additionally, it has raspberry pi OS, a customized version of Linux, as its operating system. Despite the raspberry pi's paucity of capacity, you can store your preferred operating system on microSD cards. The raspberry pi may be used to send data over the internet because it supports Bluetooth, ethernet, and wifi connectivity. The raspberry pi projects' architecture and software are closed source.

Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi | Difference between Arduino and raspberry pi

  1. The control unit of Arduino is from of Atmega family. While the Raspberry Pi's Control unit belongs to the ARM family.
  2. Arduino is based on a microcontroller. While raspberry pi is based on a microprocessor.
  3. The electrical parts of a system linked to a circuit board can be managed using Arduino. While the Raspberry Pi processes data generates useful outputs and manages system components depending on the results of its calculations.
  4. The hardware and software architecture of Arduino boards is straightforward. While raspberry pi boards feature a sophisticated hardware and software design.
  5. Arduino uses very less RAM, 2 kB. While the Raspberry Pi needs 1 GB extra RAM.
  6. Arduino clocks a processing speed of 16MHz. While raspberry pi clocks a processing speed of 1.4 GHz.
  7. CPU architecture of Arduino is 8-bit. While CPU architecture of  Raspberry pi 64 bit.
  8. Arduino is cheaper in cost. While raspberry pi is expensive.
  9. Arduino has a higher I/O current drive strength. In contrast, the Raspberry Pi has a weaker I/O current drive.
  10. Arduino logic level is 5V. While the logic level of raspberry pi is 3V.
  11. Arduino consumes about 200MW of power. While Raspberry consumes about 700MW of power.
  12. Arduino does not have internet support. While Raspberry pi has an inbuilt ethernet port and wifi support.
  13. Arduino has higher current drive strength. While raspberry pi has lower current drive strength.
  14. Some of the applications of Arduino are traffic light countdown timers, weighing machines, etc. While some of the applications of raspberry pi are stop motion cameras, robot controllers, and game servers.
  15. Operating systems are required in Arduino. While the operating system is required in raspberry pi.
  16. Two tiny cores Arduino with 32MHz. while raspberry pi is single core and 700MHz.

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