22 February 2023

Application of PLC

A PLC(Programmable logic controller) is a type of logic controller that is used to control and monitor different electromechanical processes in manufacturing, plant, sensors, actuators, and other automation applications. In addition to being employed as a special-purpose digital computer, the PLC may be used in a number of control system domains and industries. This is why PLCs are often known as industrial computers.

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There are some Applications of Programmable logic controller(PLC)

  1. It is employed in civil applications including washing machines, elevators, and traffic lights.
  2. It is utilized in the aerospace industry for the water tank quenching system.
  3. Transportation systems like conveyor belt systems.
  4. It is utilized in the travel industry for escalator operation and a safety control system that is monitored.
  5. Industrial crane control system for operation of the overhead traveling crane.
  6. Automation is utilized to reduce the human control allocation of human sequence supplied to technological equipment.
  7. Energy management systems such as boilers, ball mills, coal kilns, shaft kilns, and so on.
  8. It is utilized in batch processes that are sequential in nature and need time or event-based choices in the chemical cement, food, and paper industries.
  9. Controlling the purging procedure in the oil and gas sectors.
  10. It is used as a temperature controller or humidity by using the sensors input to the PLC system.
  11. Wind turbine system for optimal efficiency, data collecting, and safety.
  12. It is used in fault detection and protection of industrial machines like an induction motor.
  13. It is utilized in the printing industry for multistage screen washing systems and the management of offset web press print registers.
  14. PLC is used in cement industries for manufacturing or mixing the right quality and quantities of raw material, and accuracy of data.
  15. It is also utilized in the burner management system to regulate the purging pilot light off, flame safety checks, main burner light off, and fuel changeover valve switching processes.
  16. The conveyor belt system controls the sequence of conveyors and interlocking procedures.
  17. Time and count-based control system for an industrial machine.
  18. Paper mills for the creation of pages, books, and newspapers, among other things.