21 February 2023

FPGA Vs Microcontroller | Difference | Comparison

This article compares the FPGA with the microcontroller. We compared FPGAs and microcontrollers by examining their differences and similarities in architectures, cost,  performance, power consumption, and real-time usage.

What is FPGA?

The term FPGA stands for field programmable gate array. It is a programmable logic device with a complex architecture that allows for a huge logic capacity, making it ideal for high gate count designs such as server applications and video encoders/decoders. Because FPGAs feature a large number of gates, the intrinsic latency of this semiconductor might be surprising at times.

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What is a Microcontroller?

A microcontroller is a small computer on a chip that has a CPU, memory, and peripheral input/output devices. Microcontrollers are configured to do a certain task and handle other system components like memory and input/output devices such as LED, display, switches, and different types of sensors. Embed software is used to give instructions for the system in order for the hardware component to work, microcontroller are frequently programmed using higher level languages like javascript, python, and C.

FPGA Vs Microcontrollr | Difference between FPGA and Microcontroller

  • FPGA is hardware and firmware reprogrammable, with superior customization. Microcontroller reprogramming is possible in firmware only.
  • FPGA is comparatively complex, and the microcontroller is simple programming.
  • FPGA is costly, But microcontroller is cost-effective.
  • FPGA is no portability across tools. While microcontroller is open source tools available.
  • FPGA is higher processing power. Whereas microcontroller is lower processing power.
  • FPGA is parallel processing. But Microcoteller is sequential processing.
  • FPGA is LUT architecture based, But Microcontroller is processor-based architecture.
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