GDDR3 Vs DDR3 | Difference | Comparison

The difference between GDDR3 and DDR3 is that DDR3 is utilised in CPUs whilst GDDR3 is used in graphics. They are also different in terms of cost and speed. Although GDDR3 outperforms DDR3 in terms of speed, DDR3 much outperforms it in terms of price.

What is GDDR3?

GDDR3 stands for global double data rate 3. It is a video memory type that is often seen in graphics cards. It is based on the GDDR2 standard, however, it employs a new memory interface that allows for faster data rates. GDDR3 can achieve data speeds of up to 8 Gbps, which is double the speed of GDDR2. This makes it excellent for use in high-end graphics cards that require rapid data processing. GDDR3 also consumes less power than GDDR2, making it more efficient. Unfortunately, because GDDR3 is incompatible with GDDR2, GDDR3 graphics cards cannot be utilized with GDDR2-based graphics cards.

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What is DDR3?

If we look at the classification, Double date rate 3(DDR3) is a synchronous dynamic random access memory, which is also a sort of SDRAM(synchronous dynamic random access memory). It is quicker and has more features than DDR and DDR2. According to the standard, it is a DRAM(Dynamic random access memory) interface. It has been in use since 2007. It is of the third generation and has a clock rate ranging from 400 to 1066 MHz.

GDDR3 Vs DDR3 | Difference between GDDR3 and DDR3

  • GDDR3 stands for global double data rate 3 while DDR3 stands for Double data rate 3.
  • GDDR3 is used for graphics only, while DDR3 is the main storage in the system.
  • In comparison, GDDR3(global double data rate 3) is much faster than DDR3(double data rate 3) reason behind this could be the storage requirement of the graphic is more than the processor.
  • The addresses of GDDR3 (Global double data rate 3) an easily written and read at once, but it is not the same as DDR3(Double data rate 3).
  • GDDR3 comes in distinct chips, while DDR3 comes in the form of modules.
  • Replacing or upgrading a GDDR3(Global double data rate 3) is not possible While upgrading or replacing DDR3(double data rate 3) is very easy and can be done at home by anyone.
  • Due to the faster features, GDDR3 costs a little more than DDR3 and therefore is expensive.
  • GDDR3 memory is much faster than DDR3 memory.
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