13 March 2023

Disadvantages of UEFI

A computer firmware and operating system are connected by a software program called Unified extensible firmware interface(UEFI), Which is a specification(OS). Although it is compatible with BIOS, UEFI is expected to eventually replace it. The letter UEFI is most frequently used to pronounce the specifications. So let us check out the Disadvantages of UEFI to know more about UEFI.

Learn More about UEFI Vs BIOS

What are the disadvantages of UEFI?

  • UEFI is more complicated.
  • Harder to set up the built environment.
  • Support for hardware and software is UEFI's biggest issue. The hardware and operating system must support the proper specification for it to function properly. With the most recent version of Windows and macOS, this is less problem. It is not supported by older operating systems like Windows XP.
  • Virus and trojan threats due to network support, since UEFI, don't have antivirus software.
  • It has 64 bits that are necessary.
  • Requires a larger flash die on the motherboard, so it is more expensive.
  • When using Linux, the secure boot can cause problems.
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