What is M4A

What is in the M4A file?

A file with M4A is a file extension of MPEG-4 files. M4A is a high-quality sound, it s a newer format than MP3. M4A files were Apple's response to MP3s. M4A lossy format. M4A is a highly compressed format because it makes use of MPEG-4 technology, whereas MP3 uses less compression. Many M4A files are encoded with lossy advanced audio coding(AAC) codec to reduce the size of the file and deliver higher audio quality.  Some may instead use the Apple lossless audio codec and be lossless (ALAC). If you are downloading a song through the iTunes stores that copy is protected and it is saved with the M4P file extension. 

Opening M4A file

Many applications including VLC, iTunes, Windows players and probably a lot more known media player programmes, support playback. The Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, as well as Android tablets and phones, all function as M4A players and can play the file directly from an email or website without the need for a specific app, whether it uses AAC or ALAC.

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