Difference Between REST API and RPC API

Design concepts knowns as REST and RPC are frequently used in web development to create APIs(Application programming interfaces). It is a set of guidelines that enable the sharing of resources and services between two systems. The server answers the client's request with data in JSON or XML formats.

Difference between RESY API and RPC API

  • REST is resource-oriented, and RPC is action-oriented.
  • REST provides flexibility for hardware architecture, While no flexibility in RPC for hardware architecture.
  • REST supports HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and delete, RPC only supports GET, and POST requests.
  • REST supports hypermedia and hyperlinks, while RPC API does not support hypermedia and hyperlinks.
  • REST allows the specification of content types or accepts headers, whereas RPC API requires payloads of a few data types as XML for XML-RPC.
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