SCADA Vs IOT | Difference | Comparison

In the last few decades, there have been significant changes in industrial data collection. The Internet of Things (IoT), also known as to be industrial IoT, is the technology that offers the most promise, though. IoT might appear to be the newest fad to supervisory control and data acquisition experts who got their start with PLC and pre-internet SCADA.

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SCADA Vs IOT | Difference between SCADA and IoT


Due to the SCADA system's conventional architecture, performance suffers significantly as user numbers rise. Additionally, it includes in-depth data from large plant factories located in many countries and regions.

IoT can receive and process a vast amount of sensor data and allows you can connect everything that matters using protocols such as MQTT, HTTPS, XMPP, COAP, REST, etc, which provides on-demand scalability through a serverless architecture.

Data Analytics

The main applications of SCADA are for daily plant operations, the ingestion, and storage of a limited amount of data, and the absence of historical data preservation for more in-depth analytics. IoT involves long-term data retention to further analyze the data to predict maintenance schedules and reduces overall downtime and equipment life. On top of predictive analysis and preventive maintenance, capabilities are a part of it supported by the machine learning module.

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Open platform communications, a technique that has lasted the test of time, are the main data collection mechanism used by SCADA systems. However, its key drawbacks are DCOM technology and the inability of devices to exchange data with one another, regardless of footprint. Standardizing sensor networks, data collecting, and aggregation is the primary objective of industrial IoT.

Standardizing sensor networks, data collecting, and aggregation is the primary objective of industrial IoT. IoT standards like OPC UA are already used to design secure, real-time interactions with numerous control devices and sensors from various manufacturers throughout the company.

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