7 June 2023

Advantages and Disadvantages of DRAM

DRAM stands for dynamic random access memory. This page covers the advantages and disadvantages of DRAM. 

Advantages of DRAM | Benefits of DRAM

  • DRAM is cheaper as compared to SRAM.
  • DRAM is smaller in size.
  • DRAM has a higher storage capacity. Therefore, it is used to increase RAM space. system.
  • DRAM is simple in structure than SRAM.
  • It provides higher density levels.
  • While the program is being run, a DRAM memory can be cleared and updated.
  • It requires only one transistor.

Disadvantages of DRAM | Drawback of DRAM

  • DRAM is generally slower than SRAM. As a result, obtaining data or information takes longer.
  • It loses data when the power is turned off and it uses more power than SRAM.
  • In comparison to other solutions, power consumption is high.
  • Memory is volatile.
  • It's necessary to update the data in storage cells.
  • Manufacturing is complex.
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