Advantages of UMTS

The universal mobile telecommunication system(UMTS) is a 3G mobile cellular system that is broadband and packet-based and is based on GSM specifications. The main advantages of UMTS are higher capacity, Higher data rates, Lower cost, Improved security, Improved network coverage, multimedia support, wider coverage, and Seamless connection.

Advantages of UMTS | Benefits of UMTS

  • UMTS could be a successor to 2 G-based GSM advances counting GPRS and EDGE. gaining the third title 3GSM since GSM might relocate to the third generation.
  • Support data rates of 2Mbit/s.
  • Increased information rates at decreased incremental costs.
  • In addition to providing the client with a valued phone, this also generates better salaries for the administrator.
  • UMTS is secure network authentication.
  • Use the highest resolution 3G photos you can find.
  • Enables administrators to present underused mixed media administrations to trade customers and buyers with some flexibility.
  • Administrators may switch from 2G to 3G while keeping many of their present back office systems thanks to the benefits of programmed universal roaming, which also includes security and charging capabilities.
  • UMTS is good voice trasmission.
  • Vitesse is higher at 2G.
  • UMTS is used for download packages, called mobile date, which you can turn on and off to save consumption.
  • By using UMTS download videos and send the ones they create with your mobile via the internet.
  • Utilize your mobile device to create videos that you can save and send online.
  • He has remote technical assistance available when presenting a problem.
  • Access any website with great coverage.
  • By using UMTS you can access your box de reception from your mobile.
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