UMTS Vs GSM | Difference | Comparison

UMTS(Universal Mobile telecommunication system) and GSM(Global system for mobile) are both cellular standards used for mobile communications. UMTS and GSM are two different types of cellular networks. UMTS is 3G technology used to describe the next generation of mobile communications, While GSM is 2G technology and it is used in cellular systems worldwide. So let us check the deep insight of the difference between the UMTS and GSM.

UMTS Vs GSM | Difference between UMTS and GSM

  • UMTS is 3rd generation technology, and GSM is a 2G and 2.5G technology.
  • UMTS is mainly CDMA-based, while GSM is typically based on TDMA.
  • UMTS was first introduced in the early 2000s and provides packer-based services such as voice, data, and video. GSM was first created in the early 1990s provides circuit-switched services such as voice, text message, fax, and paging.
  • UMTS is newer, but the GSM is a rather old technology.
  • UMTS's frame duration is about 10ms, WHereas GSM's frame duration is about 4.615ms.
  • UMTS channels are divided into logical, transport, and physical based on where they are used along with their functions. On the other hand, GSM channels are divided into traffic channels and control channels based on the functionality of use in the system.
  • GSM has many bands, the most significant of which are 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz. UMTS has various bands, ranging from band-i to band-vi, and each band specifies frequency and UARFCN.
  • The carrier spacing of UMTS 1230KHz, Carrier spacing of GSM is 200KHz.
  • UMTS has various documents specified by ETSI and 3GPP, 3GPP TS 45 series, and GSM has various releases such as R99, R5, R6, etc.
  • The channel rating of UMTS is 1228.8 kbps, Channel rating of GSM is 270.833 kbps.
  • Fram duration of UMTS is 10ms, While the frame duration of GSM is 4.615ms.
  • The modulation efficiency of UMTS is 1.0 b/s/Hz, The modulation efficiency in GSM is 1.35 b/s/Hz.

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