Satellite phone Vs Ham radio | Difference | Comparison

Satellite phones and Ham radios are two very different communication technologies. Both the satellite phone and the ham radio have their advantages and disadvantages. It truly depends on the user's needs and preferences which one is best for them. So let us discuss the difference between satellite phones and ham radio to better understand this topic.

Satellite Phone Vs Ham Radio


Ham radio has a limited range of a few miles. The range of a satellite phone is virtually unlimited, Using a satellite phone, you can make calls to anywhere in the world.

Licensing requirement

While you are used to ham radio you need to required licensed. In the US, licensing is carried out by the FCC. But when you have to use a satellite phone there is no need to pay for a license. You can make calls as long as you are a subscriber to the satellite phone service. 


Compared to ham radios, satellite phones are far more secure. with a ham radio, anybody can listen in as long as tuned to the same frequency.

Communication method

Both radios use a two-way communication method. A satellite phone additionally provides one-way communication. You can send SMS messages using a satellite phone just like you do with a cell phone.

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