8 July 2023

What is DIMM

What is DIMM?

DIMM acronym for Dual In-line Memory Module. It is a type of computer memory that install in the motherboard's memory slots. DIMM is used to provide additional random access memory(RAM)  to computer systems, allowing for increased performance and multitasking capabilities. Since personal computer processors have a 64-bit data width, DIMM employs a 64-bit data route.  Desktop PCs, laptops, printers, and other devices frequently employ DIMMs. DIMMs feature multiple electrical contacts on both of their rectangular sides.

DIMM circuit boards changed as faster dynamic random access memory(DRAM) was created. In order to boost data throughput, modern DIMMs based on double data rate fourth generation(DDR4) SDRAM chips connect to the computer motherboard using 288-pin connectors. The 64-bit route was able to accommodate growing volumes of data as the RAM chips' clock speeds grew.\

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