OGG VS FLAC | Difference between OGG and FLAC

Both OGG and FLAC are audio file formats, however, they have different uses and different properties. Here are some differences between OGG and FLAC formats.

What is OGG?

Open source, free lossy file format is referred to as OGG. It is not covered by any patents and is made to deliver efficient, high-quality streaming. Spotify makes use of the OGG Vorbis music streaming standard, which has the.ogg file extension.

What is FLAC?

The name FLAC stands for free lossless audio codec. FLAC is a recommended format for lossless digital audio compression. The FLAC toolkit is created by the same open-source software project of the same name. Because it shrinks files without sacrificing any quality or original audio data and is very comparable to MP3 files, which are simpler to differentiate, it is known as lossless compression.

OGG Vs FLAC | Difference between OGG and FLAC

  • Both OGG and FLAC are open source format and it is free to use without licensing fees.
  • OGG is a lossy audio compression format designed to provide high-quality audio at lower bitrates, Whereas FLAC is a lossless audio compression format, which means it can compress audio without any loss in quality.
  • OGG Vorbis is less common than other audio formats like MP3, AAC, or FLAC, while it is supported by a variety of software and hardware players. FLAC is supported by various software and hardware players. 
  • OGG files tend to be smaller in size compared to lossless formats like FLAC. FLAC  files are significantly larger in size compared to lossy formats like OGG. 
  • .OGG is often used for streaming, online distribution, and situations where the file size needs to be minimized while maintaining good audio quality. FLAC is often used in situations where preserving the highest audio quality is essential, such as archiving music collection, audio production, or audiophile listening.
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