6 October 2023

What is OGG

Do you enjoy making audio recordings or listening to music? If so, you may require an audio format or container that not only allows you to compress and store your audio files but also maintains their quality. We will talk about the OGG file format in this post and show how to play, compress, and convert OGG files. We can say that this format is similar to the MP3 audio file format. But in this case, Vorbis audio data is used to compress the audio.

Let's go into the details of the OGG file format

What is OGG?

OGG file, which has the .ogg extension is a free and open container format mostly used for audio files. An OGG  file is an audio file format that typically contains music, comparable to an .mp3 file. It has audio content that is Vorbis audio compressed and saved in an OGG container. Song metadata, like artist and track data, may also be present in the OGG file. The OGG file can be an origin graph file instead of an audio file. This type is open with a graphing program rather than a media player.

Different compression techniques, such as Theora(Video), Vorbis(Audio), Opus(Audio), FLAC(Audio), and OggPCM(Audio) may be used to resize the individual streams. Before 2007, other types of media were stored in OGG files. However, as of 2007, the Xiph.org foundation advises only storing audio data in OGG files. These days the only files that store audio data in a Vorbis compressed format are OGG files.

How do Vorbis comments work?

Media files need metadata since they contain facts like song titles, composer and performer names, and copyright information. The most popular metadata format that OGG supports is Vorbis comments, which contains key-value pairs with nearby infinite sizes of up to 16 exabytes.

How are OGG files played?

You need the media player that comes with your device to open an OGG file. Numerous media players would open an OGG file if you have Windows OS. Among these media players are:

  • Media player VLC
  • Windows Media Player
  • Microsoft groove
  • Music Winamp Nullsoft
On the other hand, if you use MacOS, you can use the following media players to view your OGG files.
  • VLC media player
  • Mplayer
  • Oplayer HD
  • Adobe Audition
OGG file Compression: How Do?

Why you would an OGG file need to be compressed? Your device's storage capacity could occasionally run out. In such cases, you can either expand the storage space or compress the files to make more room for them.  You might need to download OGG compression apps for your device or utilize free internet compression tools to compress the OGG file.

OGG file conversion: How to Do it?

Your media player may occasionally fail to recognize and play your OGG file. In particular situations, you might need to convert an OGG file to a different format that your media player can read and play.