10 October 2023

Auto Transformer Application

An Autotransformer also known as Autoformer, is a unique kind of transformer that only has one isolated winding to increase or decrease voltage. In many situations where low voltage is required, an autotransformer might be an excellent option. There are also benefits and drawbacks of autotransformers. Here Following are some applications for autotransformers.

What are the applications of Auto transformers?

  • The output voltage of an AC power source can be simply changed with an autotransformer
  • It also acts as a voltage regulator
  • Widely used in synchronous motor
  • It is utilized to correct a voltage drop in a distribution cable
  • If you want to listen to an old radio or amplifier that you haven't used in a while, it is preferable to start it up carefully.
  • In distribution systems, voltage fluctuations are adjusted by increasing supply voltage.
  • An auto transformer is used as a variac in a lab or when a continuous variable with a wide range is needed.
  • An Autotransformer can be used to change the AC voltage, which will change the temperature of resistance type heather.
  • You can regulate the hot wire temperature and change it in accordance with your needs by using an autotransformer.
  • The speed of AC motors can be altered by altering the voltage applied to them.
  • With the aid of an autotransformer with numerous taps, synchronous and induction motors are started.
  • It acts as a starter to supply the stator of a squirrel cage induction motor with up to 50% to 60 % of the entire voltage when it is first turned on.
  • It is used in all electrical appliances
  • It is used in power distribution and transmission system
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