8 October 2023

Advantages and Disadvantages of Auto Transformer

An autotransformer is a type of electrical transformer that uses a single coil to change voltage, thus the primary and secondary circuits are not isolated. Autotransformers change the voltage while transferring electrical energy from one circuit to another, much like standard isolation transformers. Some advantages of autotransformers are discussed below. So let us check out the advantages of the autotransformer to know more about them Autotransformer. 

Advantages of Autotransformer | Pros of Autotransformer

  • Less costly
  • Better regulation
  • The voltage controller is better
  • Fewer Losses
  • No phase shit
  • Smaller, More efficient design
  • Simple 1 winding per phase design

Disadvantages of Auto Transformer | Cons of Autotransformer

  • Large short circuit current
  • It is only useful for moderately smaller voltage change
  • The primary and secondary windings are not isolated from one another
  • Used only in limited places
  • No adjustment taps
  • Not be used for interconnecting low voltage from a high voltage
  • Due to the shared neutral of a star/star-linked auto transformer, it is not possible to ground the neutral of only one side
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