21 December 2023

AGM Vs Gel Battery | Difference | Comparison

Both Gel and AGM batteries are often considered similar. This is because their fundamental characteristics are similar. Both are flexible, non-spillable, Longer shelf life, maintenance free and provide deep cycles as they may be put in anywhere. But the difference between them. So let us check out the difference between AGM and Gel battery to better understand this topic.

AGM Vs Gel Battery | Difference between AGM and Gel battery

There are key differences between AGM and Gel Battery as follows:

  1. Price: AGM batteries are less expensive than Gel Battery.
  2. Maintenance: The main difference of Gel batteries and AGM battery is,  the Gel batteries require very little maintenance while AGM batteries require watering. 
  3. Internal Resistance: AGM batteries have lower internal resistance, on the other hand, Gel batteries if high internal resistance least to faster charging.
  4. Weight: The most common difference is Gel batteries are typically heavier than AGM batteries.
  5. Self-discharge rate: When compared to Gel batteryAGM batteries have no charge or discharge current limits. So, AGM batteries have a low self-discharge rate while the Gel batteries have a higher discharge rate. One of the Most important things of Gel batteries are best suited for deep discharge as they are more acid starved.
  6. Battery Lifespan: Another difference of AGM and Gel battery is, The lifespan of AGM batteries is around 4 to 8 years, and gel Batteries is around 2 to 5 years.
  7. Resistance to Vibration:  As compared to Gel battery, AGM battery have higher vibration resistance, while Gel battery have low resistance to vibration.
  8. Thermal Runaway: The thermal conductivity inside the battery is poor, and the heat capacity is small, which makes it easy to cause thermal runaway. But the Gel battery has a good heat dissipation and  large heat capacity so it is not easy to cause thermal runaway.
  9. Surge current capability: As compared to Gel battery, AGM batteries have a high current capacity, Gel batteries have a low surge current capacity.
  10. Applications: Gel batteries could be a better choice for long-term applications than AGM batteries. In the end, the choice of battery type should be dependent on the specific demand of the application.

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