6 December 2023

Disadvantages of MP4

MOV was first created by Apple as an MPEG4 video container file format for its Quicktime players. In 1998, the company adopted the format for the first time. It functions as a container file for a variety of media data formats, such as subtitles, audio, and video. With this plugin, you may also store interactive multimedia, virtual reality content, and 3D animation. To gain a deeper understanding of this subject, let us examine the drawbacks of MP4.

Disadvantages of MP4 | Drawbacks of MP4

  • Video and Audio can sometimes go out of sync due to codec compatibility problems.
  • MP4 files can contain a variety of multimedia material and metadata, thus playing back and modifying them demands a lot of processing power.
  • Sometimes problems with codecs or codec player compatibility cause the audio to lose sync with the sight.
  • While MKV provides high-resolution video, when audio is recorded at a low bit rate using poor equipment the quality of the audio is usually compromised.
  • MP4 files can be shared illegally and metadata can be removed.
  • Video compressed using MP4 is still lost even though the quality is good. It is not a good option for a video that is really high definition.
  • MP4 files can require a lot of processing power because they contain both audio and visual data.
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