What is plasma TV

What is plasma TV?

Plasma TV is a television display technology in which each pixel on the screen is illuminated by a tiny bit of plasma or charged gas. 

One of the chief points of a plasma TV is a flat screen, which allows it to be mounted directly on a wall without a lot of clearance required

The individual pixels are made from three tiny containers of an inert gas such as neon or xenon as explained. There are many tiny tubes on an average plasma TV screen. All of this individual pixel is sandwiched between electrically charged plates.

The computer controls the electrical field down to the individual pixel, allowing a different combination of colors to glow. because a plasma TV screen quite a few more pixels than standard television, the image is noticeably sharper.

Plasma TV has a deeper, richer black and better contrast ratio. because the plasma screen is highly reflective glass, plasma performs best in rooms with some degree of light control.

A plasma TV is a high definition (HDTV) alternative to the standard cathode-ray television. A plasma TV provides sharp images and vibrant colors, especially when used in the ratio for widescreen movie formats, as opposed to the box-like 4:3 ratio of standard television.

The main drawback of the plasma TV system is vulnerable to damage. If a hard object sticks screen, hundred of individual gas-filled tubes instantly lose their ability to glow. because the gas forming the plasma can leak or become less reactive to electrical charges, the plasma TV system does have a limited shelf life.

A plasma display is one advantages is their thier screen is made from glass, which reflects more light than the material used to make an LCD screen

Plasma TV display is to slim profile, better and more accurate color reduction than LCDs.