What is channel access method

A channel access method or multiple access methods allow more than two terminals connected to the same transmission medium to transmit over it and to share its capacity in telecommunication and computer networks. 

A shared physical mediums are wireless networks, ring networks, bus networks and point to point links operating in half-duplex mode. 

The ability of the system to carry many signals at the same time is called channel access or multiple access methods. The cellular system consists may users that will share the bandwidth.

The channel access method is based on the multiplexing method. In a telecommunication system, the channel access method permits various terminals to connect to the same multi-point transmission medium to transmit over it and share its own capacity.

It is possible to share the communication capacity of the cellular system among a large number of a base station through channel access.

It is based on a multiple access protocol and control mechanism known as media access control.

Types of channel access method : 

  • Frequency-division multiple access ( FDMA ) 
  • Time-division multiple access ( TDMA ) 
  • Code division multiple access ( CDMA ) 
  • Spread spectrum multiple access ( SSMA ) 
  • Space division multiple access ( SDMA ) 
  • Power division multiple access ( PDMA ) 
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Channel access method based on the following features :

  • Token passing
  • Physical layer multiplexing
  • The media access control layer can be used for handle addressing and collision prevention
  • Contention
  • Pooling

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