Advantages and disadvantages of SDMA

The term SDMA full form is Spatial Division Multiple Access OR Space Division Multiple Access methods. It is one type of channel access method. It is used for mobile communication system which reuses the same set of cell phone frequencies in a given service area. This article gives information about some advantages and disadvantages of SDMA to know more details about SDMA.

Advantages of SDMA :
  • SDMA is a purely optical path
  • SDMA is frequency reuse
  • Mobile station battery consumption is low
  • Increased spectral efficiency
  • SDMA is transparent to the system if it is purely optical
  • Use any bandwidth or data rate achievable in fiber
  • SDMA is usually combined with other multiplexing techniques to better utilize the individual physical channel
Disadvantages of SDMA :
  • Some of  the disadvantages of  SDMA is the fact that the number of switches
  • SDMA is very expensive and complected to construct and design
  • There are also high insertion losses since each input must have the capability to be split to any output.
  • The reverse link may be a problem like an interference problem
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