3 January 2018

Features of GSM

There are many features associated with GSM technology because it is the most leading mobile communication technology in the world today. It is facilitated with high speed integrated data, voice data, fax, mail, and also SMS features. Let us check some more features of GSM technology listed below.  

Features of GSM technology :

  • Supports more subscriber capacity in the given spectrum.
  • Supports smaller handsets.
  • Rapid call setup.
  • Supports call forwarding, calls on hold, conference facility.
  • Use the same phone in different networks.
  • Allows data transmission and data reception across GSM networks at 9600 bps.
  • The encrypted conversions cannot be tapped.
  • Supports calling number identification presentation.
  • The short message service allows the GSM subscriber to transmit and receive a character text message.
  • Supports fully international roaming capability.
  • Compatibility with ISDN for supplementary services.
  • SIM phonebook management. 
  • Supports fixed dialing number ( FDN ).
  • Real-time clock with alarm management. 
  • Improved spectrum efficiency.
  • Low-cost mobile sets and base stations. 
  • Supports new services.