Advantages and disadvantages of GPRS

GPRS is third generation step towards internet access. GPRS full form General Packet Radio Service is one kind of mobile data service accessible to GSM and IS-136 mobile phones users. It is a high speed, point to point, and use packet switching technology intended for GSM. This article gives information about some advantages and disadvantages of GPRS to know more details about GPRS.

Advantages of GPRS :

  • Provide high-speed data service
  • Support bursty application like email, traffic, telemetry, broadcast service, and web browsing
  • GPRS offers fast connection set up a mechanism to offer a perception of being always on hence the GPRS devices are referred to as always connected
  • GPRS based network has high bandwidth
  • Provide point to point services
  • Mobility provides wireless internet access
  • GPRS is not possible to troubleshoot in case of issues
  • Deployment is easier
  • Communication via GPRS is cheaper than through the regular GSM networks
  • Constant connection to the internet 
  • GPRS provides wireless access to the internet from any location where there is a network signal so that you can surf the internet on your laptop or phone, even in remote areas
  • GPRS is still faster than the old WAP ( Wireless Application Protocol ) data is transferred at speeds ranging from 9.6 kilobytes per second up to 114 kbps
  • When you surfing the internet it doesn't block incoming calls enables you to make or receive voice calls while you are browsing the internet or downloading data. So that users can have both voice call and data call together

Disadvantages of GPRS :

  • Limited capacity for all users
  • Speed much lower in reality 
  • Data rates supported are slower compared to the latest wireless standards such as LTE or LTE-advanced. 
  • A mobile station using GPRS can't receive direct GPRS calls
  • A network can be affected when a large number of users in the same area utilize the GPRS services at the same time. 
  • Users may decide to charge based on time rather than volume
  • GPRS could be consumed by the public during the public emergency
  • Can have high latency, especially text messaging
  • Can not troubleshoot means works or doesn't
  • Expensive to add terminal above 4
  • Slower 72 Kbps vs 11 Mbps
  • Transit delay

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