11 March 2018

Application of Zigbee networks

Zigbee is a wireless protocol used for wireless networking technology and connectivity. Zigbee is the wireless language that every device used to connect to one another. It is the recently emerged technology of network communication based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard where IEEE stands for Institute of electrical and electronic and communication engineers. Zigbee is a new standard developed by the Zigbee alliance for personal area network ( called PAN), Consisting of more than 270 companies. 

Now let us now check it out the application of the Zigbee network to know more details about the Zigbee network.

Home automation :
  • Heating, lighting
  • Cooling, door locking mechanisms
  • Home security system
  • Smoke detector
Telecom application :
  • Used to transmit and receive the message
  • Share ring tone, images, and contacts
  • Emergency services
Industrial automation :
  • Personal tracking
  • Livestock tracking
  • Record and transmit critical data like pressure, temperature, and also a vibration
Security :
  • Home security
  • Fire detection
Some other applications :
  • Health care
  • Smart energy
  • Remote control for consumer electronics 
  • Hotel room access
  • Smart metering