6 April 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of direct sequence spread spectrum

Advantages of DS/SS :
  • It has best noise and anti-jam performance.
  • Simple hard ware implementation.
  • It support high coverage range due to low SNR requirement at receiver.
  • Do no require high speed fast setting frequency synthesizer.
  • It has best discrimination against multi-path signals.
  • The unidentified receivers find it difficult to detect the direct sequence signals.
  • It can be employed in point to point application at the rate of 11 Mbps.
  • Determination of relative timing between transmitter and receiver. 
Disadvantages of DS/SS :
  • DS/SS has a longer acquisition time.
  • It require wideband channel with small phase distortion.
  • The pseudo noise generator must generate sequence at high rates.
  • Near-far problem.
  • Fast code generator needed.
  • The system is prone to error at lower than frequency hoping spread spectrum.
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