7 April 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of frequency hopping spread spectrum

There are some of the advantages of frequency hopping spread spectrum (FH-SS) given below :
  • It has less distance effect.
  • Provide the greatest amount of spreading.
  • The bandwidth of these systems is large.
  • It has a short acquisition time.
  • Best discrimination against multi-path.
  • Very large bandwidth.
  • The synchronization is not greatly dependent on distance.
  • This system can be programmed to avoid some part of the spectrum.
  • It needs complex and costly digital frequency synthesizers are required to be used.
  • It needs error detection.
  • The processing gain is higher than that of a direct sequence spread spectrum.
  • This system is not useful for the range and range rate measurement.
  • The modulation scheme has become obsolete.
Some more advantages of FH/SS compared to DS/SS is given below :
  • FS/SS is less susceptible to be near-far problems than DS/SS.
  • The processing gain is higher than that of system DS/SS.
  • FH/SS can produce signals of wider bandwidth than DS/SS.
  • In FS/SS the problem of a relative power level of co-channel signals is not critical as than DS/SS.
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