15 April 2018

What is electric drive

  • In many of industrial applications, electricity is one of the most important components. 
  • An electric motor is the most important part,  it is an energy transmitting device and the working machine.
  • An electric motor is the source of the motive power. An energy transmitting device delivers power from electric motor to the driven machine, it usually consists of a shaft, belt, rope, etc. 
  • An electric drive together with its working machine constitute is an electric drive system.
  • A ceiling drives together with its speed regulator but without blades is an example of an electric drive.
  • In short, a drive is a combination of the various system combined together for the purpose of motion control, so it is many more benefits of electric drive to motion control.
  • Electric drive is mainly two types: AC drive and DC drive In that drive motive power in dc and AC drive is provided by dc motors and ac motors respectively. This electric drive uses many devices like pumps, fans, robots, etc.
DC drives :

DC motors are used extensively in adjustable speed drive and position control applications. It can be also used conjunction with power electronic converters are dc separately excited motor or dc series motor. So depending upon the type of AC source or the method of voltage control, dc drive classified as under :
Advantages and disadvantages of an electrical drive :

The following advantages of electrical drive given below :
  • It has a very large range of torque, speed, and power.
  • It is very free from pollution.
  • It can operate on all the quadrants of speed torque plane.
  • Their working is independent of the environment condition.
  • The efficiency of the drive is high.
  • The drive can easily be started and it does not require any refueling.
The following disadvantages of electrical drive given below :
  • It can cause noise pollution.
  • The initial cost of the system is high.
  • The application of the drive is limited.
  • It has a poor dynamic response.
  • The output power obtained of conductor or a short circuit device so the system may get damaged due to which several problems occur.
  • The output power obtained from the drive is low.
Application of electrical drive :
  • A ceiling fan motor with a regulator.
  • A motor and conveyor belt with material on its belt.
  • Food mixer without food is processed.
  • It is also used as a large number of industrial and domestic applications.
  • It is also used Rolling mills and textile mills as well as some machine tools.
  • Some other applications like pumps, robots, washing, etc.
  • It can also use various traction like an electric train, electric buses, trams, trolleys, battery-driven solar power vehicles.