13 May 2018

3G advantages and disadvantages

When we will using 3G network technology customers will get high speed for their communication which is far better than the 2G network technology as well as other previous technology for use in data communication. Now let us check it out the information about the advantages and disadvantages of a 3G network to know more about 3G networks.

Advantages of 3G :
  • Faster data transfer rate
  • Availability of fixed
  • Multimedia services are available
  • Anywhere access to the internet.
  • Cheap call rate in worldwide.
  • Security and reliability are more
  • Always online devices
  • Provide interoperability  among service providers
  • Customers will get high-speed network for the data communication
  • Anywhere access to the internet
  • Customers can use all the facilities at the same time
  • Customers can see video 
  • Good for data-intensive application
  • Customer will get wireless broadband
  • Video call and big MMS
  • Uninterrupted video streaming on phones
  • It is extremely faster than previous networks
  • An application that is more data-intensive can be developed and used
  • Picture messing allows products as well as problems to be shown visually
Disadvantages of 3G :
  • Needs different handsets
  • Insufficient bandwidth
  • Power consumption is high
  • Require closer base station and are expensive
  • Spectrum license cost
  • High expenses of 3G phones
  • 3G compatible handset
  • Connection rate
  • Separate 3G phones are needed
  • A 3G cell phone is more costly compared to 2G cell
  • Data/voice and roaming and also work together has not yet been implemented