11 May 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of FET

The term FET full form is the Field Effect Transistor. We all know the real fact is all MOSFET are FETs but not all FETs are MOSFET. It is used in amplifier in the oscilloscope, electronics voltmeter, multiplexer, chopper, etc. This article gives information about advantages and disadvantages of FET to know more about FETs.

Advantages of FET :
  • FET has a high input impedance of several megaohms 
  • FET has less effect by radiation than BJT
  • Temperature stable than BJT
  • Less noise compare to BJT
  • Can be fabricated with fewer processing
  • Smaller in size
  • Longer life
  • High efficiency
  • It can be used low frequency application
  • Uni-polar device
  • Voltage control device
  • They have better thermal stability
  • They have voltage control device
Disadvantages of  FET :
  • They are more costly than junction transistor
  • Smaller gain bandwidth product compare to BJT
  • Transconductance is low hence voltage gain is low
  • It has lower switching time compare to BJT
  • Special handling is required during installation
  • When FET performance degrades as frequency increases. This due to the feedback by internal capacitance
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