11 May 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of MOSFET

The term MOSFET full form is Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor-Field-Effect-Transistor. MOSFET is a one types of power transistor device mostly used in VLSI circuit, CMOS digital circuit, microprocessor, and memory devices etc. This article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of  MOSFET to know more about MOSFET.

Advantages of MOSFET :
  • Ability to scale down in size
  • It has low power consumption to allow more components per chip surface area
  • MOSFET has no gate diode. This makes it is possible to operate with a positive or negative gate voltage
  • It read directly with very thin active area
  • They have high drain resistance due to lower resistance of a channel
  • Physical size is less than 4 mm^2 when it is a package form
  • It is widely used than JFET
  • The enhancement type MOSFET find wide application in digital circuitry
  • They support high speed operation compare to JFETs 
  • They have high input impedance compare to JFET
  • It is easier to fabricate MOSFET than JFET
  • They can easy to manufacture
Disadvantages of  MOSFET :
  • Has a short life
  • Required repeated calibration for accurate dose measurement
  • They have very susceptible to overload voltage, hence due to installation special handling is to be required 

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