Difference Between Ethernet and LAN

 Ethernet is an open standard for managing the network, it also considered as the chief set of standards for the physical characteristics of LAN. The major key difference between LAN and ethernet is the network size, transmission technology, and the topology where the LAN can be scaled to a higher extent, and the ethernet network is smaller. So here this article gives the main key difference between ethernet and LAN to better understand this topic.

Definition of LAN:

LAN stands for the local area network, which comprised of the shared transmission medium, hardware, and software in order to communicate and handle the ordering access of the medium. The main purpose of LAN to be able to exchange information and share resources.

Definition of Ethernet:

Ethernet is another given the prevalent packet switched LAN technology, It was developed as an experimental coaxial cable network by xerox corporation. At that time the ethernet was operated at a rate of 3 Mbps with the help of carrier sense multiple access collision detection protocol for LAN with the irregular traffic needs.

Difference between ethernet and LAN:

  • Ethernet is the second name given the prevalent packet switched LAN technology, while in LAN stand for local area network.
  • Ethernet is a basic technology for establishing a network while in LAN is a private network bigger in scale comparative to ethernet and more reliable.
  • A LAN is centrally controlled but the ethernet is needed not to be centralized.
  • LAN can be wired and wireless as well, Ethernet can only be wired.
  • The topologies employed in the ethernet is bus and star while in LAN, the topologies can ve bus, ring, star, and mesh, etc.
  • Ethernet guided transmission media is used, while in LAN both uses the guided and unguided transmission media are used.
  • Ethernet, the transmission of data is done only when the path is unoccupied, while the LAN does not have any limitation as such ethernet.
  • There is a limitation take pace in transmission of ethernet, while there is no limitation takes place in transmission of LAN.
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