Difference between Ethernet and internet

The internet and ethernet are two totally different things, although they are often founders together. Ethernet is a term that is used to identify a group of technologies that allow for a computer to be interconnected in order to transmit data from one to another. While the internet is the name that is used to refer to the global interconnection of network and computer that allow those who are connected to quickly share a massive amounts of information. Here this article gives the information about the main key difference between Ethernet and the Internet are given below to better understand this topic.

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a global network that connects computer networks worldwide. It is a massive network of networks. It uses the TCP/IP protocol for data transmission. It allows sharing resources and providing services such as file sharing, the world wide web, and electronic mailing. On the internet, routers, desktop computers, switches, and other devices are connected to each other using cable or through a wireless network of more advanced technology such as fiber optics. 

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a computer network that is generally used in the local area network. Ethernet is not only used in LAN but also in MAN and WAN. Some computer is an office can be connected together to share the file by using ethernet technology. This connection can be of a wired connection or wireless connection. There many versions of this technology. A computer that is connected by ethernet can be connected to the internet.

The main key difference between internet and ethernet are listed below:

  • Ethernet is networking technology that is used in local area networks where the computers are connected within a primary physical space. While the internet is a global system of interconnected with the computer networks and that uses the TCP/IP protocol to link devices worldwide.
  • Ethernet is covered a local area network, covers a small geographical area, while the internet is a wide area network, covers a large geographical area.
  • Ethernet and its compatible standard make the internet connection is possible.
  • Ethernet is more secure since the outside device has no access to the network while the internet is less secure since any user access the network and obtained the required information.
  • Ethernets are usually under the control of a few people while the internet is not under control. 
  • There are multiple ethernets, While there is only one internet.
  • Using Ethernets is safer than using the internet.

Uses of Ethernet and the Internet:

Ethernet uses:

  • Ethernet is used for sharing files and it can share the data among a bunch of computers.
  • In this network, the computer can share specific software and use them.
  • The computer can communicate with each other by using the software.
  • Computers in this network can share hardware such as a printer, modem. 

Internet Uses:

  • By using IRC, people can join in a live discussion on the internet.
  • Electronic mail or e-mail can be sent to other people, E-mail can contain text, picture, videos, file etcetera.
  • People can order products and services on the internet.
  • File transfer protocol is used to share files between computers and networked via the internet.
  • WWW is the largest part of the internet. 
  • The Internet is so vast that if you want to find specific information, It becomes so difficult. But there are search engines to do this for you.
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