Difference Between Optical fiber and Coaxial Cable

The crucial difference between the optical fiber and coaxial cable is that an optical fiber is USD for the transmission of the optical signal. While the coaxial cable is used for the transmission of an electrical signal. Here this article gives information about the difference between the optical fiber and coaxial cable to better understand this topic.

Definition of coaxial cable 

Coaxial cable is also known as coax cable. The guided media that are used for transmission of the electrical signals to some distances. Coaxial cable is basically conductors that allow electrons to flow through it. Mainly copper has used the manufacturing of coaxial cable.

Definition of optical  fiber

Optical fiber is the waveguide that is used for transmitting optical signals from one end to another. Optical fibers are basically made of glass or silica is a combination of core and cladding.

The main key difference between the optical fiber and coaxial cable are listed below:

  • Optical Fiber transmit data/signal in the form of light while the coaxial cable transmits data/signals in the form of electrical signals.
  • Optical fiber is made using plastic and glass while the coaxial cable is prepared using plastic and copper wires.
  • Optical fiber is quite light in weight but a coaxial cable is very heavy as compared to an optical fiber.
  • Optical fiber is costly and its installation is quite expensive whereas the coaxial cable is very cheap and its installation is less expensive.
  • Optical finer bandwidth is less than coaxial cable, but the coaxial cable provides high bandwidth.
  • The installation of optical fiber is complex, the installation of coaxial cable is comparatively easy.
  • Optical fiber is highly efficient and signal loss is negligible while the coaxial cable is less efficient.
  • Optical fiber is having a smaller diameter compared to an optical fiber.
  • The data transmission rate of optical fiber is 2 Gbps while the coaxial cable data transmission rate is 44.736 Mbps.
  • In optical fiber signal transmitted to the large distance while the coaxial cable signal transmitted to restricted to comparatively smaller distance.
  • Noise immunity of optical fiber is while the coaxial cable noise immunity is intermediate.
  • Attenuation is very low in optical fiber while in social cable attenuation is high.
  • Optical fiber offered secure communication while the coaxial cable security of the transmitted signal is not guaranteed.
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