Difference between LAN and VLAN

VLAN is the extension of LAN where the capabilities of typical LAN is enhanced by logically segmenting the LAN into multiple broadcast domain. So here this article gives the main key difference between LAN and VLAN to better understand this topic.

Definition of LAN

LAN stands for the local area network, which is comprised of the shared transmission medium, hardware, and software in order to communicate and handle the ordering access of the medium. The main purpose of LAN is to be able to exchange information and share resources.

Definition of VLAN

VLAN stands for a virtual local area network, it is a logical separation of the LAN where multiple LAN segments are created within a single bandwidth. The specialty of VLAN is that the LAN segments constructed in the LAN can be spanned and contracted according to the requirement.

Difference between LAN and VLAN:

  • LAN stands for local area network, while VLAN stands for virtual local area network.
  • The cost of the local area network is high, while the cost of a virtual local area network is less.
  • In LAN, the packet is advertised to each device, while in VLAN, the packet is sent to a specific broadcast domain.
  • LAN is the latency of the local network is high, while the latency of the virtual local area network is low.
  • LAN is less efficient than a virtual local area network, while VLAN is greater efficient than a local area network.
  • The device which is used in LAN is the hub, routers, and switch, while the device which is used in VLAN is: bridges and switch.
  • LAN is not secure enough and security measures are only taken at the router's end, while VLAN improves security by limiting the broadcast domain.
  • In LAN standard Ethernet protocols such as token ring and FDDI, While in VLAN standard protocols including ISP and VTP. 
  • In LAN packet broadcast to each device, while in send packet is to the specific broadcast domain.
  • LAN performance is average as compared to VLAN which offers more efficiency, VLAN can easily troubleshoot and managed as it uses special technology for doing so.
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