GPRS network

We learn about GPRS network before we check it out GPRS full form. General packet radio services GPRS uses on the same network and also have to use the same base station but nowadays GPRS are upgraded.

It is allowed the 2G, 3G, W-CDMA mobile network to transmit the IP packet to an external network such as the internet. So the GPRS system is an integrated part of the GSM network switching subsystem.

General packet radio services (GPRS) uses upgraded network for 3G deployment UMTS Rel 9. GPRS prepares core infrastructure later evolution to a 3G W-CDMA / UMTS.

So now in this article, you learn about the basic process of GPRS network :
  1. Attach process: MS full form is mobile station attaches to the SGCN 
  2. Authentication process: SGCN authenticates the mobile subscriber. 
  3. PDP activation process: Session is established between MS and destination network.
  4. Detach process: MS detach from the SGCN.
  5. For static IP address network initiated PDP request: By using static IP address call from a packet data network reaches the MS. 
  6. For dynamic IP address network initiated PDP request: By using dynamic IP address call from a packet data network reaches the MS.

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