6 September 2018

Advantages of Z transform

The Z transform provides a valuable technique for analysis design of discrete time signals as well as discrete time LTI systems. This article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of Z transform to know more details about it.

Advantages of Z transform :
  • Z transform is used for the digital signal
  • Both Discrete-time signals and linear time-invariant (LTI) systems can be completely characterized using Z transform
  • The stability of the linear time-invariant (LTI)  system can be determined using the Z transform
  • By calculating Z transform of the given signal, DFT and FT can be determined
  • The entire family of digital filters can be obtained from one proto-type design using Z transform
  • The solution of differential equations can be simplified or obtained by using Z transform theorem
  • Mathematical calculations are reduced using the Z transform. For example, consider the convolution operation is transformed into simple multiplication operation 
Disadvantages of Z transform :
  • Z transform cannot apply in the continuous signal