4G technology features

4G stands for the fourth-generation wireless mobile modem, with high data speed, The 4G can reach 100Mbps, 150Mbps, and 300Mbps, future will update to 1000Mbps, 4G mobile network offer amazing speed and efficiency and also they took the mobile market by storm. 

4G network technology is a theoretically will have a higher data transfer rate over 3G network technology, with the appropriate amount of spectrum and good network engineering, 4G LTE network is very fast, the long term evolution based network has the potential to reach 100 Mbps, while the WiMAX network can top out at 70 Mbps. Here this article gives information about 4G technology to know more details about 4G advance technology.

Features of 4G technology :
  • Fully IP based mobile system
  • This technology is high speed, high capacity and low cost per bit
  • Better spectral efficiency
  • Ad-hoc and multihop network
  • Seamless switching, and variety of quality of service
  • Better scheduling and call admission control techniques
  • An IP packet switched network
  • Interprobability with an existing wireless standard
  • 4G has better signal
  • Tight network security
  • Easy roaming 
  • Scalability
  • Enhance GPS services
  • Integrated wireless solutions
  • More user-friendly device
  • Better response time
  • Provide high flexibility as compared to already existing technology
  • Entirely packet switch network

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