Difference between flip flop and latch

Both of flipflop and latch are a circuit wherein the output not only depends on the current inputs but also depends on the previous input and output. The main key difference between flipflop and latch is that a flipflop has a clock signal, whereas a latch does not have a clock signal.


Flipflop: A flip-flop can be built with a NOR gate or NAND gate. therefore a flip-flop consists of 2 input 2 output and set and also a reset. This kind of flipflop is named like SR-FF. these are mainly used to store the binary data. A flipflop will have an extra CLK signal to make it work in a different way when contrasted with a latch. 
Latch: The working of the latch is asynchronous which means that the output produced fro latch will depend on the input, nowadays most of the personal computers are synchronous. The sequential circuit which is used in PC is competent of modifying concurrently by a global CLK signal.

The main key difference between flipflop and latch are given below:
  • The flip flop is very slow, Lathes are very fast.
  • A flip-flop contains a clock signal, A latch doesn't contain any clock signal.
  • Flipflop is designed with latches by adding an extra clock signal, while in latches is built with logic gates. 
  • The FFs are classified into different types such as D-type, SR- type, T-type, and JK-type while latches are classified into different type such as D-type, SR-type, T-type, and JK-type.
  • Nowadays flip flops are easy to transparent storage elements and little more superior nontransparent devices are used as flipflops, whereas in latch are electronic device is a more bistable multivibrator and it has 2 stable states used to store one bit of data.
  • Flip flop consumes more power, Latche consumes less power.
  • FF is designed with latches by adding an extra clock signal, the structure of latch is built with logic gates,
  • Flipflop can be clock all time, Latch may be clockless or clock.
  • A flipflop considers CLK to Q, set up and hold time are essential while the latch is transparent considers a D-Q propagation delay.
  • The flipflop is also responsive toward the CLK signal, moreover, the output will not vary until a modify takes place within the input CLK signal, A latch is responsive toward the input switch and also competent in transmitting the information as extended when the switch is ON.
  • Flipflop are protected toward faults, Latches are responsive toward faults on enable pin.
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