Difference between thyristor and MOSFET

We all know about what is thyristor and what is MOSFET. The main difference between thyristor and MOSFET is that thyristor called as SCR is a solid-state semiconductor device with four alternating P and N-type materials while in MOSFET is a metal-based field effect transistor and it most commonly fabricated by the controlled oxidation of silicon side. So that here this article gives information about the difference between thyristor and MOSFET to know more detail about it.
  • In thyristor majority carrier device current-driven device low switching speed low resistive input impedance while in MOSFET majority carrier device voltage driven device high switching speed purely capacitive high input impedance.
  • Thyristor has an only single pulse to turn ON but MOSFET has no DC required to maintain conduction expect during turn on and turn off.
  • The thyristor can be connected series easily with voltage equalizing circuit whereas in MOSFET series connection is difficult with voltage equalizing circuit.
  • The thyristor can be parallel with a forced current sharing circuit while in MOSFET can be easily paralleled due to the positive temperature coefficient of resistance of the device. 
  • Thyristor has less temperature sensitive, no second breakdown but in MOSFET has too much temperature sensitive, less susceptible to the second breakdown.
  • Thyristor has a most robust device, MOSFET has a less robust device.
  • Thyristor has a high voltage as well as a high current device while in MOSFET has a high current medium voltage device. 
  • Thyristor has low on stage voltage drop, MOSFET has a high ON stage voltage drop.

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