Advantages and disadvantages of electrical transducer

An electrical transducer is one type of device which is capable of converting the physical quantity into a some of proportional to the electrical quantity such as voltage or must be electric current. Hence it covert any quantity to be measured into the usable electrical signal. This post gives the advantages and disadvantages of an electrical transducer to better understand this topic.

Advantages of electrical transducer

  • The power requirement of the transducer is very small. The electrical system can be controlled with a very small level of power
  • Electrical signals can  be easily  attenuated or must be amplified  to the signal and can be brought up to a level suitable for a various device with the help of static device FGK
  • An amplifier may be used for amplifying the electrical signal according to the which types of uses or requirement
  • The electrical output of the transducer can be easily used, transmitted and also easily processed for the purpose of measurement.
  • Mass inertia effects are minimized
  • The signal can be conditioned or mixed to obtain any combination with the output of similar transduces or control signals
  • The data transmission through mechanical mean is eliminated. Thus no mechanical wear and tear and no possibility of mechanical failures exist
  • The reduce effects of friction and other mechanical non-linearities
  • Due to the integrated circuit technology, the electrical and electronic system is compact having less weight and portable
  • The output can be indicated and must be recorded remotely from the sensing element

Disadvantages of the electrical transducer

The electrical transducer is sometimes less reliable than mechanical type because of the aging and drift of the active components. Also, the sensing elements and the associated signal processing circuitry are comparatively more expensive. With the use of better materials, its improved technology, and better for circuitry design, the range of accuracy and stability has been increased for electrical transducer while using negative feedback techniques the accuracy of measurement and the stability of the system are improved but main is that all at the expense of increased circuit complexity more space and obviously more cost.
  • The electrical transducer has costly
  • While designing the circuit the effects of aging and also drifts of parameters of active components must be considered. This makes the design is too much complicated

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