Difference Between SMS and IM

In today's digital world, people are using high-speed communications, getting instant information, Instant message to get there are two common ways of getting your messages across quickly vis using short message services and IM called as an instant message service. SMS has been around much longer than instant message apps like facebook, WhatsApp, skype, etc. The main difference between the SMS and IM is that in SMS you can leave a short message even if the person does not answer his phone while in IM is predominantly used in personal computers thus IMs utilize the internet for passing its message.  Here this page gave the basic comparison between SMS and IM to understand this topic clearly.

Difference between SMS and IM :

  • SMS  stands for short message service while IMs stand for Instant messages.
  • Both methods are popular for communication, both allow to message to send across to another person.
  • As we know that the SMS goes through the telephone company's network while an IM goes through the internet.
  • As in some cities will be decided on SMS that SMS is limited 160 characters while IM will not be decided character criteria.
  • There are many companies are available and they provide a different plan for SMS so they provide limited or unlimited access to the message but in IM are generally free, as long as you have a connection to the internet, IM is generally free, but as long as you have a connection to the internet.
  • In today's world, SMS costs money while IM is virtually free.
  • An SMS is typically limited by country, and some extra charge for pother country to send SMS while in IM is limited by software.
  • SMS will are so useful as well as also some drawbacks because unlike SMS there IMs need to the internet connection to the function, this is a drawback to their services but you can send an SMS anywhere, anytime to anyone without the internet connection. Also, the receiver need not be pre-install the app. IN all mobile companies provide the SMS feature but there some costs involved to send out the SMS if you don't have some special packages.

Both the SMS and IM while different but have the use the same purpose. Both are used to provide a method for people to connect to each other via using SMS or IM. today digital world both teenagers as well as young adults some might even say misused. 

We hope that you have got a better understanding of this concept. Furthermore, any quires regarding this concept or some electrical and electronics projects give your feedback in the comment section below. 

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