Difference Between SMS and BBM

SMS is the most commonly used messaging service. SMS stands for short messaging service and it is used majorly y mobile users. It is believed to be an almost free-of-cost method to transfer messages BBM stands for Blackberry Messenger, it is an internet-based application which is included lacks berry phones to communicate between two Blackberry devices. It is a message application through which two Blackberry shoes can interchange instant messages. Here this post gives the information about the difference between SMS and BBM listed below to better understand this topic.

The main key difference between SMS and BBM are listed below:

  • SMS stands for short messaging service while BBM stands for Blackberry Messenger. 
  • SMS is available on all phones while BBM is only available for Blackberry phones.
  • BBM lets you do more than SMS.
  • BBM is more powerful compared to SMS. In BBM group conversion is possible in BBM where there are more than two people who can participate in it.
  • SMS may incur additional charges while BBM won't.
  • BBM requires an internet connection while SMS does not require an internet connection.
  • We all know that the SMS is sent directly to the telco, which is responsible for routing it to the recipient while BBM bypasses the telco and goes directly to the internet and sends directly to the message to Blackberry servers which then sends it to the recipient.
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