What is electrical wiring

As we all know the wiring system is dangerous for life, it is a potentially dangerous task if done improperly. There are many different types of electrical wiring systems. Let us look at the different types of electrical wiring that are used in home electrical and some domestic properties. Wiring technology will help to understand a few basic terms used in describe wiring. Electrical wiring is one type of conductor., which is a material that conducts electricity. In our home application, most of the wire is used in the insulated, meaning that they are wrapped in a nonconductive plastic coating. 

Let we have to understand the basic home electrical wiring and domestic electrical wiring types: 

Conduit wiring:

Conduit wiring is provided by mechanical protection and also provides electrical safety to persons and property and provides convenient and accessible ducts for the conductor. As well designed electrical raceway system has adequate capacity for future expansion and readily adaptable to changing some conditions. 

Casing capping wiring:

Casing capping wiring is one of the oldest methods for the wiring system and it has been very popular is frequently used. In today's world, after post introduction of the conduit or sheathed wiring system, it is preferred for the wiring system. 

Concealed conduit wiring:

The concealed conduit wiring system is the most popular, most common type of house electrical wiring used. Conduit wiring is a professional way if wiring a building and domestic wiring

Batten wiring system:

This is when a single wire or some group of wire is laid over a wooden batten. The wires are held to the batten using a brass clip and spaced at an interval of 10 cm for horizontal runs and 15 cm for vertical runs.

Lead sheathed wiring system:

Lead sheathed wiring system that uses conductors that are insulated with VIR and that are covered with an outer sheath of lead aluminum alloy which contains about 95% almost lead. This metal sheath gives protection to cables from cables mechanical damage, atmospheric corrosion, and moisture.

Cleat wiring:

Cleat wiring comprises of PVC insulated wires or ordinary VIR that are braided ad compounded. This type of wiring is most suitable for temporary wiring purposes such as in marriage halls, some events, etc so the most important advantage of this wiring system is it saves labor cost and installation cost. This type of wiring can be very easily installed and materials can be recovered for further use.

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